To us it’s not just a shirt….

There are many designers and printers of T-Shirts out there in the big wide world and here, hopefully, you will find out a little more about the approach we take and reasons our products are different.

As well as telling you about the things we do, there are also a few things we don’t do. We don’t print vast numbers of garments by mass production methods and we don’t sell our products through re-sellers or distributors. We print very small batches of exclusive items, many literally by hand and each one is printed, packed and shipped by us.

The plan is always to make something different and something special. The artwork is key and the shirt is the blank canvas. We print in a very specific way on some of our shirts and we have yet to find anybody else producing the same level of detail on multi coloured solid print designs. We can’t tell you exactly how it’s done, it’s a secret! The GT40 shirt is a great example of a design that is printed in a very special way and here we will try and explain without giving away our secrets, the work that goes into one of our custom printed shirts.  


Design & Print of the GT40 T-Shirt





Each product is built from the ground up with the initial idea being turned into high resolution artwork.

Each colour has it’s own artwork and this artwork is used directly to produce the printing for each individual colour.







The blank shirt is heated and pressed to flatten the fibres before printing. Not everybody does this but we think it helps obtain a better print. The first colour is then printed onto the shirt.






The second colour is printed with the print aligned in exactly the correct position to ensure registration.







The registration on multi colour designs must be accurate to ensure the best possible final print. Each colour must be printed within +/- .5mm. The order of colours in the printing process is determined by the design and will be different for each design.






The third colour is added and this design features a true metallic silver which adds real detail to the final print. This level of detail is our trademark and really makes our designs stand out.








As with the second colour this third colour has to register exactly with the previous colours. The final colour will register with all the previous print layers.




The final colour is printed and this colour on this design registers in several places with the previous colours. It can take a little time to get everything perfectly lined up. The finished print is then pressed once more to seal the printing and give a final finish to the product. Not everybody does this but we think it makes a difference!





The shirt is then folded and packed into an inner clear bag to protect the garment and then with tags and stickers applied it is shipped in a heavyweight postal bag. We like to ensure customers orders arrive in pristine condition. Our shirts are then posted out into the world to meet their owners.





Essentially many of our products are hand printed and each one is very personal to us. We don’t print by mass production and each one will have been designed, printed and packed by us. We like to think of our shirts are a little bit different to the standard items on the market and we will continue to design and develop new ideas and products.