About the Tyrrell Collection

Welcome to the Tyrrell Collection. Here you will find our current range of exclusive official Tyrrell-themed products all designed and printed by us.

From our base in Milton Keynes Big Cat Media has been designing and printing unique products since 2008 and we have gained a growing, loyal customer base in many countries around the world.

We have been an appointed licensee of Tyrrell products for several years and we have worked with the Tyrrell family to develop our designs and product range. The Tyrrell name is written into the history of grand prix racing and we hope that our products help to keep the name and achievements of this great British team alive. There is still a great deal of interest in the Tyrrell team and racing cars and we hope that we can continue to grow our range with new and interesting designs and products.

Special thanks are extended to Bob Tyrrell for his guidance and encouragement with our product range and for supplying reference material and historical information.

Chris Tompkins – Owner Big Cat Media


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